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    Barracuda AUV underwater

    The Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle team develop, design & manufacture general-purpose Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for science & exploration. The submarines are designed to operate in shallow water (<80m), performing a variety of underwater autonomous tasks. The team is principally composed of Cambridge University students, who work on all aspects of the mechanical, electronic & software design of the AUVs.


    With the project founded in 2006, four unique AUVs have been designed & built to date. Our current AUV ('Barracuda') was completed in July 2012, and is currently undergoing improvments. The team competes in the annual Students Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe (SAUC-E) competition, which is currently hosted in La Spezia, Italy. The project also has a longer term goal to aid academic research underneath Arctic ice sheets, for which bore-hole deployment of an AUV would significantly help research efforts.

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    • 01/10/2013: SAUC-E 2013 - A Roundup (We Won!) This year SAUC-E 2013 has been a huge success for CAUV. For the first time in the society's history, we've come away with 1st place! We also claimed the competition's 'innovation award', reflecting jeb90
    • 04/10/2012: CUSU Societies Fair & Freshers Squash As always, this year CAUV attended the CUSU societies fair - a huge collection of hundreds of university societies and groups, advertising themselves to new students of the university. The CAUV team jeb90
    • 02/08/2012: CAUV on NATO TV CAUV has featured heavily in the NATO coverage of the SAUC-E competition, with our very own Ralph Barton taking the starring role! andy
    • 25/07/2012: SAUC-E 2012 a roundup This has been a huge year for CAUV. With stronger industry support than ever before, we set about the design and build of Barracuda, a new vehicle to meet CAUV&rsquo;s long term goals. The ambitiou ralph
    • 12/07/2012: Barracuda qualifies for the finals! CAUV has just qualified for SAUC-E 2012! This means that we will be able to take part in the finals tomorrow, where teams get 30 minute or 1 hour slots for their vehicle autonomously navigate the unde ralph

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