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    Barracuda AUV underwater

    Over 70% of the world's surface is covered by oceans and yet we know very little about the oceans and the sea floor. In fact we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about some areas of the ocean. Underwater Vehicles are critical to learning more about the ocean floor being able to explore where humans cannot go.


    The Cambridge Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CAUV) team develop, design & manufacture general-purpose Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) for science & exploration. The submarines are designed to operate in shallow water (<80m), performing a variety of underwater autonomous tasks with innovative ideas and technologies. The team is principally composed of Cambridge University students, who work on all aspects of the mechanical, electronic and software design of the AUVs.


    The project was founded in 2006 and four unique AUVs have been designed and built since then. The most recent AUV, 'Barracuda', was completed in July 2012, and won the 2013 Students Autonomous Underwater Challenge – Europe (SAUC-E) competition. SAUC-E is an annual competition which is currently hosted in La Spezia, Italy, and it provides a great test for our technologies while allowing us to met, collaborate and share ideas with other teams from around Europe.


    The team is almost entirely comprised of students and we are open to all. We are always looking for new members so if you are interested in joining contact us at

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    • 07/10/2014: Squash (read: main introductory event) Plans for our squash (read: main introductory event):   When is it?   Saturday (18th Oct) from 5 pm. We should be around till at least 6:00 pm, and later for food (see below), so you can drop in later jeb90
    • 06/10/2014: Get Involved. We're looking for new team members... CAUV is always open to new members and we're open to everyone but with the new year starting we'll be holding a number of events to help make it easier to get involved.   For starters, come along to simon
    • 27/09/2014: SAUC-E 2014 - Congratulations ENSTA Bretagne and Bremen Congratulations to the ENSTA Bretagne and Bremen teams who won SAUC-E 2014, the first time that two teams have been awarded joint victors!   The competition, held between the 20th and 26th September, simon
    • 21/03/2014: Successful Testing Today we had a successful day of testing with Barracuda in the river Cam outside the back of the engineering department. A good test of our new electronics rack with four Odroids and a Beaglebond.   H simon
    • 01/10/2013: SAUC-E 2013 - A Roundup (We Won!)   This year SAUC-E 2013 has been a huge success for CAUV. For the first time in the society's history, we've come away with 1st place! We also claimed the competition's 'innovation award', reflecting jeb90

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