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    Preparing for the ERL emergency competition

    The beginning of 2017 has been a very productive time for CAUV! Our team is working hard to design our 5th AUV.

    Many new members have joined the team and during Michaelmas term everyone was brought up to date with what the team has been doing. We also finished our new surface vehicle! This term, we are all working from the newly constructed Dyson Centre at the Cambridge University Engineering Department. Working with state of the art workshop equipment has been making the process much more efficient.


    Our New Surface Vehicle

    The Mechanics team is working on CAD for our new design, but they are also learning how to perform flow simulations using CFD. The Mechanics team is also mixing exciting chemicals, in order to create moulds and to get familiar with potting.


    The Electronics and Software teams have been working together this term on developing the sensors for the new vehicle. Our current focus is on the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), which senses the acceleration and orientation of the vehicle.

    Testing the IMU



    If you want to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always very happy to get new team members!

    Posted on Sunday 12th of March 2017 by yl573

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